Twitter For Business

With millions of users worldwide Twitter is a very effective form of communication.  It would be wrong though to think that it is reserved for just celebrities and teenagers who want to share the ups and downs of their everyday life.  Hundreds and thousands of small businesses have found realised the potential of Twitter to help their business grow.  If you still need convincing that setting up a Twitter account is a step in the right direction for your business, check out the following benefits and tips.

Connects You to Your Customers

As mentioned above Twitter has millions of users and each and every day that number is multiplying.  This is why it is one of the best places online and offline to find prospective customers.  If your business is catering to a very specific market or niche you can use Twitter to connect and communicate directly with people who are in your target audience.  It also enables you to interact with existing customers to help you understand what your business is doing right and wrong.

It Helps To Build Relationships with Clients and Customer

It is important though that once you have followers on Twitter that you continue to keep a line of dialogue running between them and you.  While it is possible to setup and even buy automatic tweets so that your account appears very busy, you need to post relevant tweets and updates that your customers will find useful, interesting and maybe even entertaining.  Many businesses that use Twitter make the mistake of bombarding their followers with sales and promotional tweets, or send too many tweets out too often.  Scale it back as much as you can and remember that as long as you are posting every day or every other day, less often means more.

Creates Awareness OF Your Business/Brand

While big brands do not need to introduce themselves to get followers on Twitter, you should be using Twitter to build awareness of yours.  For instance, unless your brand or logo is well known it is better to create a personal profile as your audience will prefer interacting with an individual rather than a faceless business.

Provide Your Followers with Information

As you are probably already aware, news travels much faster via the internet than it does via TV or radio.  Therefore, Twitter is often the best place to share news or make special announcements with your customers.  While radio and TV might do the same, Twitter is less expensive and allows you to speak directly to your audience and customer base.

Helps You Collect Customer/Client Feedback

Twitter can not only be a good platform for communicating and promoting your products and services to your customers, but can also be used to gather vital feedback from your customers and clients that will help you to improve your business.  You can do this by simply looking at your followers conversations and tweets without asking them directly.  However if there are specifics you need to know, you could ask directly or run a poll from your account.

Enables You to Watch Your Competitors

Twitter search, when used properly, can be a great way to not only track your own company’s reputation on Twitter, but your competition’s reputation and operations.  By learning what the completion is doing, you can improve your own strategies by adopting techniques and methods they are using effectively and avoiding mistakes they have made.

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