Read Business Related Books Every Month

Whether your business is successful or not, you should never stop learning new things.  One of the best ways to keep learning about business is by keeping to having good reading habits.  Our recommendation would be that you should try to read a new business related book every month – to ensure that your business skills are razor sharp.

In the following article we list some of the best business-related books we have come across that you should consider reading and why.


Why it’s Important – It will teach you an easier, faster and better way to be successful in business.  When you read it you will understand why plans can be harmful, why it is best to just ignore competition and why you don’t need outside investors.  In fact, you will learn that you don’t need as much as you think you do.

Inbound Marketing

Why It’s Important – It will teach you to how you can stop pushing your message out there and start actually pulling your customers in.  It is a “how to” guide to getting noticed trough social media, blogging and Google.

Awaken the Giant Within

Why It’s Important – It includes practical guidelines on how to concentrate your emotions and thoughts to reach your goals.


Why It’s Important – It teaches you that instead of paying as much attention to what successful people are like, that you should be paying more closer attention to where they came from.  For instance, their generations, family, culture and the various idiosyncratic events and happenings they experienced during their childhood.

The Dip

Why It’s Important – It teaches you whether your business goal is worth bothering with at all.  If you feel as if you are in the Dip, a temporary slump that you think will improve if you keep pushing at it, it could be that you are actually in a Cul-de-sac that will never get better.  This book helps you understand which situation you are in.

Good to Great

Why It’s Important – This book helps you understand how and why bad, mediocre and great companies have success.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Why It’s Important – It teaches you the business related principle that all income creating assets will always produce more profitable bottom line results than any of the best traditional jobs.

E-Myths Revisited

Why It’s Important – This book teaches you all about the life of a business from its infancy, through its growing pains to its maturity.  It also helps you distinguish between whether you are working ON or IN your business.

War of Art

Why It’s Important – This book aims to show you the resolve you need to identify and get past or through the many obstacles you will face when trying to reach your goals and how to reach the highest level of discipline related to creativity.

4 Hour Work Week

Why It’s Important – This book is the blueprint for enabling yourself to work less hours.  Whether you want to live more, work less, earn a figure income without any management, travel around the world or just escape the rat race – this book is for you.

The Lean Start-up

Why It’s Important – This book is inspired by lessons you can learn from lean manufacturing.  It relies on rapid scientific experimentation, validated learning and many other counter-intuitive practices that shorten the development cycles of practices and measure progress without requiring vanity metrics.  It helps you learn what your customers really want.

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