Using bags as a promotional tool may seem a little odd, but it’s an ideal way to get long-term advertising for your business. Traditional advertisements come and go, and after a few days are generally forgotten. Now think about cotton bags; not the first thing you think about when planning an advertising campaign, I know. However, they’re long lasting, fashionable and eco-friendly.

Giving customers a free cotton bag with your logo on will give you long term exposure, and constantly advertise your business. Especially if they take your cotton bag with them on future shopping trips, and not just to your shop.

Some distinct advantages to using cotton bags are:

  • Large advertising surface for your logo and text.
  • Good promotional gimmick, especially if you give them away free.
  • Long-term advertising exposure as they are reusable.
  • Can last for years.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Your main goal when using cotton bags is to advertise your business on the go. Tote bags have a large surface area that’s ideal for printing on. They’re also double sided, so there will always be at least one side on display to promote your business.

Just like t-shirts, cotton bags are easy to print a design onto. You can afford to be bold and colourful with your advert. Just remember that simple designs work best. You will also benefit from including a website address rather than a phone number. Customers are much more likely to visit your website than call your business.

When planning an advert the goal is to maximise your exposure. Using cotton bags will excel here as customers can re-use your bag on the high street. Ensuring that other potential customers see your bag. Especially given how fashionable they are today.


You can also hook the eco-friendly customer, as cotton bags are recyclable and sustainable.


Cotton tote bags also work well at trade shows; however, you would be wise to check with the venue owner to confirm if they’re also supplying free tote bags for visitors.


If you find that your bags are driving business, you can also opt to sell different designs, to complement those given away with purchases.


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