Don’t Be Lazy

If there is one piece of advice any expert will give you it is not to be lazy.  Procrastination is a big word and a big problem, particularly when it comes to small business owners.  Many people have great ideas, maybe you do a well, but for one reason or another, do nothing to actually work on them and put them into practice.

Some Reasons That May Be Holding You Back

It could be that you are in denial about your procrastination and laziness.   Therefore, we have listed some of the most common reasons why people hold back from doing the work they to make their business a success.  Be honest and identify your own reasons.

Nervous and Afraid

It is normal to feel a little nervous or afraid when you setup your own business.  The fear of success and now knowing what that will be like can often be as powerful as the fear of failure.  This is why so many people may have good ideas that they like to talk about all the time, but never actually put into action.

Feel Unqualified

Perhaps you have great ideas, but do not feel as if you have enough qualifications, abilities or skills to put those ideas into practice; so skirt around it all and do as little as possible, hoping that you never have to push yourself.

Lack Confidence

This is intertwined with the reasons above but can be seen as a separate reason in itself.  Confidence in your business and your own capabilities is obviously important if you want to be successful, so when you are not it definitely holds you back.

Get Off Your Arse by Brad Burton

If you are having trouble finding the necessary motivation to put your business plans into action, we can’t recommend the book Get Off Your Arse by Brad Burton enough.

The book is a very real, frank, and honest but also hilarious book that includes helpful and insightful advice that will have you rolling about on the floor laughing your head off on one page, while filling you with emotion on another.

Why Should You Listen To Brad Burton?

The above question can easily be summed up in Brad Burton’s hilarious 140 character Twitter-esque description: ‘Born Manchester 1971, adversity, brilliance, adversity, heroic failure, dole, dotcom leader, marketing genius, pizza delivery, MD of 4N!

In case you are not familiar, 4Networking is the fastest growing joined-up business networking organisation in the UK.

The book is Brad Burton’s warts and all lessons that he has learned the hard way from trying to be successful in business and is written in a very uncompromising – take no prisoners – fashion.  It would be wrong to completely spoil the book on this page, but to briefly explain one of the major streams of thought with regards to business that runs throughout the book – being successful in business is actually only about 1% having a great idea and about 99% actually doing something about it.

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