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Custom Food Service and Brand Identity

Restaurants that are looking to advertise locally often focus on running television ads, offering coupons and advertising in mailers, however, many restaurants fail to realize that there is a much more affordable advertising opportunity sitting in their kitchens right now. Custom printed food packaging serves as an excellent way to advertise a local restaurant and is also an important branding tool.

Take-out boxes, bakery boxes and food serve containers actually play a vital role in a restaurant or food service business’s overall branding efforts. It may surprise food service professionals to learn that branded food packaging actually:

Increases Brand Awareness

When people order catered meals, take leftovers from a restaurant, get take-out from a food truck, visit a deli or makes purchases at a bakery, they are given food in a container to take home or back to the office. The trip there and the storage of the food when they get there is an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness if that container is custom printed with a business’s name, logo and information (phone number, address, URL, etc.).

For every time that someone sees a restaurant’s logo on a food package, brand awareness increases – seeming ever more popular within a community. If a business does not have a branded food container to provide a patron, this branding opportunity is lost.

Serves as a Product Extension

For some food industries the packaging is a crucial element of the product itself. Bakeries are a great example of where the packaging is commonly viewed as an extension of the goods. The reason for this is because people are so visual. In fact, it is often said that people “eat with their eyes,” which means that delicious baked goods actually may need the addition of a themed package to convince patrons that they taste as good as they really are.

Even in more savory food operations the packaging can aid in the flavor of foods by describing the contents with phrases like “hot delicious New York pizza” or “fresh organic salad creations.” These are everyday examples times when a consumer’s opinion of a food is influenced by its packaging. An article on More Than Branding summarizes this succinctly by saying, “A brand is the sum of its details.”

Allows for Business Advertising

Boxes and bags can be printed with more than just a company’s basic information. The possibilities are endless in terms of what can be added to the packaging to advertise the business, but the most common include: catering offers, happy hour prices, daily specials, testimonials, best sellers, awards or recognitions and online ordering information. In some cases, this type of advertising can be so effective that a restaurant will no longer need to pay to run local ads!

Improves Perceived Brand Value

Kristie Lorette explains, “The true function of product packaging is to protect the product…but product packaging also plays a vital role in the branding process of the product.” Food businesses and restaurants that have their own packaging are often perceived as more professional and better established. For this reason, custom printed packing is the best way to take a food services business to the next level.

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