Three Ways to Bring More People to Your Events

The role of the event organiser has never been to just simply fill up the seats, it’s always been critical to making sure everyone attending was having a good time. While some things stay the same, new technologies have also changed some people’s expectations. Here’s just some of the ways you can draw people to your events in the modern age.

Finding the Right Venue

Choosing the right venue can make or break the event. This can get worrying when you consider all the variables: it’s size, facilities, and, perhaps most importantly, what the venue says about what you’re promoting. Neptunus have access to great locations in culture capitals like London, Paris, and Munich for everything from outdoor fairs to art and design exhibitions. It’s difficult to be unique when you look for a venue. People feel like they’ve seen everything now. The trick is to not simply look for a space large enough to hold a number of people, but to look for a venue that is integral to delivering the overall experience. This is the key to making the event memorable.

Incorporate Social Media

Social media is a part for all of our lives by this point. Whether it’s liking Facebook posts, retweeting messages, or pinning ideas for our next project on Pinterest. Start by incentivising attendees to share the event on their various profiles. This can be done by advertising the chance to win a competition or by offering vouchers redeemable on future events. This will all pay off when more people hear about the show. If there’s a question and answer portion of the event, have members of the audience tweet questions to the official profile. This will mean you have a higher volume of questions to ask the guest which you can choose the best questions from.

Make the Event Available to Everyone

No matter how large your venue is or how many stops on your tour there is, they’ll always be some people who can’t attend. You shouldn’t punish these individuals by blocking off the content though. You should always try and involve as many people as you can. One of the ways you can do is by live streaming or live blogging the event on your website. This way everyone who wants to can see or read about the event as it’s happening. This will fill up people’s social media feeds with positive messages about how much fun or how interesting the event looks rather than a single post moaning about that they couldn’t get a ticket. You could also consider making the event free. This might sound risky, but in the digital age people’s information might be more valuable than the cost of admission. Have people fill out a survey with their personal information for a chance to win a ticket. You can use this information to better market your products or services to people with better targeted advertising.

As time passes the role of the event organiser becomes more difficult. Ideas that were once innovative become stale. Fortunately, the advent of new technologies and social media mean it’s still possible to impress the modern attendee.


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