3 People Who Inspired Me to Be More Productive

In The Beginning…

I was stuck in a 9 to 5 job, that even though I was good at, bored me to death and I would not have been able to break from the limitations and restrictions that are associated with traditional employment, if it wasn’t for these 3 people.  They enabled me to open my eyes to a whole world that existed outside the constraints of my day to day job and inspired me to take control of my life and balance work and life better to give me more free time to enjoy the things I wanted to do not the ones I needed to do.

Pat Flynn

Pay Flynn was the one person who inspired me to start building websites with a view to earning money.  I first happened across his amazing and motivating podcast when I was idly looking around the business section for something interesting to listen to on my iPod when I found his.  I was instantly hooked.

Based on what I heard in his podcast and learned about Pat, I created and managed my first AdSense website and I am pleased to say I made a little bit of money.  Okay, it was only a few dollars, but this was proof to me that what I learned from Pat Flynn would actually work.

Eventually I had built enough sites that I was able to quit my job.  I therefore cannot recommend Pat Flynn’s podcasts enough as they are well made and he is a very down to earth and easy to understand guy.  I continue listening to his podcasts when I can as he gives real insight into how he manages to grow his income every month and how he has diversified.

Brad Burton

Now what can I say about Brad Burton that hasn’t already been said by other, more eloquent people?  Not a lot really, so I will just explain why he was such an inspiration to me.  First things first, he is from Manchester and as a fellow northern I feel I can relate a lot to his background and where he came from.

He is a real grass roots entrepreneur that started out with nothing at all and grew his business into a real money earner.  On his rise to the top though, he had a break down, which is probably why I admire him as much as I do.  His breakdown didn’t stop him for reaching his goals, in fact it made him fight back stronger.  When I think about Brad Burton I am reminded of that famous expression “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”

I first came across Brad Burton when I bought his book to read on holiday called “Get Off Your Arse”, which you should check out from Amazon.  At that point in time, I had just started my online retail business and it made me want to push and do all I could to be as successful at it as I could.

In the book he speaks about how he is able to work whenever he wants; how he has a good work/life balance and also speaks very positively and encouragingly about breaking out and running your own business.  It does make you sit up and take a good long hard look at yourself, but never feels too preachy and is absolutely laugh out loud hilarious at many points.

I would like to reiterate that everyone reading this right now should get off your arse and buy his book!

Malcolm Walker

I first learned about Malcolm Walker when I watched a documentary on the television about the frozen good supermarket chain Iceland.  Walker established Iceland as a supermarket in 1970 and began with very little investment.  Although he was obviously very wealthy, he came across as a really down to earth guy, with no edge to him.  I reckon that if you were in the pub with him, he would be a good laugh and have pretty of good stories and share in general banter.

At the moment I am reading his book Best Served Cold: The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Malcolm Walker.  It is actually a very interesting, and entertaining (which will come as no surprise to anyone who saw the BBC documentary, he is definitely a character) and includes some very good points that I am going to try and use in my business.

If They Inspired Me, They Can Inspire You

Although there have been more than just these 3 people who have influenced me and motivated me to strive for success in business, I feel as if I have taken the greatest amount of direct inspiration from Pat Flynn, Brad Burton and Malcolm Walker.  If they inspired me to be a success, it is likely that they may inspire you as well.  I wholeheartedly encourage you then to read their books, check out their television programmes and listen to their podcasts and learn as much as you can from these great businessmen.

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